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hardwood floor new york , ny, one of the leading wood floors company in Newyork. We offer :  Refinishing , Repair. Call 646-271-6679 We serve customers on quality wood floors from the best available in newyork. We offer wide selection wood floors in endless variety. We know the wood floorings is big investment , but last longer then rug ,easier to clean, furniture of the room , upgrade your property make the real estate value.Think your family : less allergic problem for your family. If you pick the right floors and the best installation method ,your place ,the floor  stay in same beauty for long time. Call us, free estimate , the sales man serve you out, to make the right choice. The Wood Floors always recommend the best money saving methods for all customers. So we not try to force the customers for remove the old floor before install new one if possible to install to the top off the old floor in same quality. You can save thousands on labor time and garbage removal. We not take any off your earned money unnecessary.Other advantage: You get one year warranty for all labor also about 25-35 years for the material, about the factory. We glad to offer...

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Monocoat Clear-Finish

Some peoples allergic when polyurethan. For this customers offersavailable now. Different kind of oil finish what possibles to add different colors your flooring to. Hardwood floor NewYorkmag offering this service to our customers. Some product like the … Read More.. >>

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When the floors lost the original shine and the Hardwood still good condition , Wooden Floors NY offer buff and coat repair method.
Do not wait until the Hardwood get worn.
This technique  low prices  solution.
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american trust flooring

44Mam ortáls kupa hardwood floor new york stair refacing and refinishing mc mc mc

If you planning to change the surface to wood on your carpeted stairs , you are at the righ place.
How its work at Hardwood … Read More.. >>